Wondering a peanut

“I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour if we will only tune in.” George Washington Carver

The story goes that George Washington Carver asked God to show him the secrets of the universe. And in response, he got "I'll show you what I can do with with a peanut." 

Learning over 300 plus uses later, he tried it again on the sweet potato, the soybean, and the pecan. 

What about electricity? It always existed, but never harnessed. Mr Benjamin Franklin took the initiative in our childhood storybook lesson with the kite and key, to begin to discover how to harness the electric energy that's in the air around us.

What else is around us - inherent in the air we breathe, the soil we plant in, the water we swim in - that could revolutionize our world. Someone took oil, coal, electricity and revolutionized an entire civilization.

I started thinking about this after I ran a half marathon and realized my little body had way more strength, endurance, and joy inside of it than I could have imagined.


I just needed to allow my body to show me what it had. I had to give it a chance. 

Then I thought about my brain.

My heart.

My compassion.

My intuition.

What if I allowed these faculties to express themselves in their fullest. 

What's inside a peanut? What's inherent in the environment around us? What's stuck inside us?