The Celiac Meditations: Intro

This is the introduction of the upcoming series The Celiac Meditations. If you like what you see here, stay tuned. I have a handful of more meditations coming in the weeks ahead. And please! Leave comments and share. This community could use a little love. 


It’s interesting how we can so easily settle for subpar.

I always thought I was healthy, happy, motivated and joyful. But the undercurrent over the years was a pang for something more, mostly because I felt like something wasn’t right.

I felt like something wasn't right in my body, and I had a suspicion that it could be better.

It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with celiacs and began living life free of kryptonite*, that I started to understand what health could be. What life could be. I honestly thought headaches, and stomaches, and body aches, and random annoyances were just called being human. 

But that's not what being human is. 

Random pain is actually not how our body functions at all.

And as soon I as I tasted health…I wanted more. I wanted to fix everything. I didn’t want to settle for tired, or cranky, or anxious, I wanted life more than abundant* in my physical body and mental/emotional body. 

And so, the journey of finding answers started about 4 years ago. But every step I find more. And it’s mind-blowing, because every plateau feels better. And every misstep makes me more curious. 

But this celiacs' ride is a rickety rollercoaster. 

And as most people diagnosed with celiacs or any other autoimmune or random “disease” can attest, it can be isolating, painful, and character-building.

This series is for the character-building part.

The new ideas that have formed in my mind, thanks to this journey that I’ve been on. Hopefully it is a voice of courage for those who are struggling or feeling discouraged. 

I'm just about to start posting, so please spread the word to a friend you may know who has celiacs. Whether they’re struggling or happy as a clam, they’ll relate. And it’s just SO nice to know someone who can relate. And share a meal with you.

Especially the second one.





*the kryptonite to celiacs is (drum roll please) gluten! and anything within a 2 foot radius of gluten, ever in the span of its life. true story.

*life more than abundant is a phrase that Jesus used to describe life with him. it's not just for spiritual things - the world itself is abundant if we open our eyes to it.

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