A Meditation on Freedom // The Celiac Meditations

Welcome to the second post in the series! The Celiac Meditations is to encourage, explain and build meaning around some of the experiences that relate to celiacs (and probably a lot of autoimmune or food-related illness). Hope you enjoy! Please comment below and share with anyone you know who has celiacs! xo steph

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The truth that I learn from having celiacs is sometimes startling.

It can be startling and liberating all at the same time.

When I first stopped eating gluten, the results came quickly. I felt more energy, I didn't lay in bed for hours, the migraines weren't as frequent... It was an adventure because every week I saw the power of eliminating one single oppressor. 

It took a few months. Maybe almost a year. But eventually a light bulb went off. 

I didn’t have to feel bad. 

In fact, I wasn’t supposed to. What I had accepted as normal, was everyone else’s “horrible.”

But for how long? 

As a kid I used to disdain Saturdays, and I never put it together until my adulthood, a few years after my diagnosis. I had always felt weird, spacey and directionless on Saturdays. I was sitting at a barstool eating gluten free pancakes with my husband one Saturday when it hit me. Growing up, Saturdays were pancake day. Can you imagine? Most Saturdays I was dazed and confused and wishing it could quickly become a Monday again....

The thing is that other people like Saturdays. Most people, in fact. 

And for my whole life I can now, too. 

For years my body was in a prison and I never knew it. Which made this huge shift inside me. A realization that has brought a halo to other categories of my life: my marriage, my work, my health, my friendships. 

How I feel now isn’t how I have to feel tomorrow. 

Life could change. I could change it.

Through my diagnosis and diet adjustment, I eventually got to taste freedom. Things that I thought were stationary burdens in my life, just disappeared. Even my own personality shifted. I was happier, less moody, less annoyed.

I mean, if my body, my skin, my mind and my energy could change from my one decision ... talk about empowerment. What other issues could I point a magic wand of intention at? 

Because, could this be for real? I only knew it was because I was feeling it. Symptoms totally disappeared. And as soon as I’d mis-eat, I’d feel them.

So you're telling me -- freedom is possible. No, I'm telling you -- freedom is possible.

I could escape from the chronic pain. But it was me. For years I was in a prison because of my own actions. Unknowing, yes, but still. 

The oppressor was me.

But now, so is the releaser. 



t h e  c e l i a c   m e d i t a t i o n

I  c h o o s e  f r e e d o m .