A Meditation on People Pleasing // The Celiac Meditations

Welcome to The Celiac Meditations! They are sweet snippets of encouragement to help people with celiacs (or other autoimmune or diet-related lifestyles). A little validation for the crazy feelings we feel. And a little bit of hope that it's all going to be okay. I hope you stick around. Leave comments below and share your experiences! xoxo steph

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I have been developing my self control muscle so strong recently. I hardly even get tempted and even in moments of total hunger, I’m able to avoid the candy bar section in the check out aisle. But I’m on my last stand. I have one major hang up that used to catch me up every time. The next day I would find myself glutened…

People pleasing.

Curses you, people pleasing! Someone makes a gluten-free dessert in their beautifully wheat-ed up kitchen. The dessert was especially made for me!

What can I say? Yes of course.

Of course I’ll eat it right in front of you too, to make sure that you know I love you.

To make sure you aren’t offended by me and my life.

It goes something like this: I see the cookies in the plastic wrap, paper plate. I hear her give the excited speech of how she made it, when she made it, why she made it.

And then I immediately think:  what am I doing over the next three days? Honestly, probably not much. It wouldn’t hurt too badly to have a headache and body aches on a Monday, right? I mean, who does anything on a Monday, anyway.

{For non-celiacs to understand --  if there is a crumb of gluten ... a breath ... the body somehow senses it. And you feel it. It's dumb.}

So I have another muscle that is slowly growing stronger and stronger, learning how to speak louder than the People Pleaser.

That one is called Self Love.

It says, Love yourself.

It says, You are important.

It says, Your intuition is worth listening to.

It says, be cautious. 

Oh Self Love, how good you are to me. You protect me and make me feel safe. And teach me that while other people’s feelings are important, so are mine. 

t h e  c e l i a c   m e d i t a t i o n

I matter. My body matters. My future matters.